Audio-Visual Recordings

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  • Within the DIRAC project, two application domains have been defined for rare and incongruent event detection, namely the security and surveillance on the one hand, and in‐home monitoring of elderly people on the other. In both domains there is a need for 24/7, unobtrusive, autonomous, and therefore intelligent, monitoring systems to assist human observers.
  • The use of sound to augment camera surveillance has recently been introduced in the security market (van Hengel & Andringa, 2007) [Ref] and is planned in in‐home monitoring (van Hengel & Anemüller, 2009). Spotting and properly responding to unforeseen situations and events is one of the crucial aspects of monitoring systems in both application domains.

van Hengel P.and  Anemüller J., "Audio Event Detection for In Home Care.," in Proc. NAG-DAGA 2009 International Conference on Acoustics, Rotterdam, 2009, p. 209.

van Hengel P., Andringa T., "Verbal aggression detection in complex social environments", Fourth IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance, AVSS 2007, 5-7 September, 2007, Queen Mary, University of London, London, United Kingdom

  • Therefore, scenarios have been developed that will show the potential of the DIRAC theoretical framework and the techniques developed within the project, while attempting to address realistic and interesting situations that can not be handled properly by existing technology. These scenarios have been assambled into a database of audiovisual recordings that contain rare and incongruent events according to a list of keywords (Hollosi et. al. 2010). Both realistic and basic/elementary scenarios are adressed to not only illustrate the potential of the DIRAC methods, but also to be able to evaluate their intrinsic methods.

Hollosi D, Wabnik S., Gerlach S., Kortlang S., "Catalog of basic scenes for rare/ incongruent event detection," DIRAC Workshop at the European conference on machine learning and principles and practice of knowledge discovery in databases (ECMLPKDD2010), Barcelona, Spanien, September 2010

  • The audio-visual recordings themselves as well as detailed information on the recording setup, procedures, metadata, ground truth annotations and preview videos are available.

>>Technical Setup<<  >>Session Overview<<