Database of audio-visual recordings

  • Database of audio-visual scenes with rare events.
  • These videos contain pure recording data, with additional labeling.

Database of multichannel in-ear and behind the ear head related
and binaural room impulse responses

  • Database with multi-channel room impulse responses for the realistic simulation of multi-microphone audio recordings.
  • The impulse responses (IR) were measured with three-channel behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids and an in-ear microphone at both ears of a human head and torso simulator.

Collection of frequency modulated sweeps for STRF estimation

  • STRF's (spectro-temporal receptive fields) are a commen way of describing auditory and visual neurons.
  • The set of stimuli presented here consist of frequency modulated sweeps.

Motion-captured actor walking on a treadmill

  • All stimuli in this study were locomotory actions, i.e. displacement of a human body, but whereby the translational component is removed, thus resembling an actor as if locomoting on a treadmill.
  • Motion-captured actor walking at a normal pace on a treadmill, from multiple camera angles:
    in the lateral (0° and 180°), frontal (90° and 270°) and oblique planes (45°, 135°, 225° and 315°).

>>Motion-captured locomotion<<

Out‐Of‐Vocabulary and Out‐Of‐Language recordings

  • Two data  sets  of  audio  recordings  have  been  produced,  containing  out‐of‐vocabulary words  (OOV)  and   out‐of‐language speech (OOL). 10s segmentation basis.
  • Furthermore,  a  NN‐based  OOV  word  detection  visualization  tool is available.