Picture Visitor's Name
(Training Program Type)
Date of the Stay Title of the Project
& Abstract
Final Report

Jie Luo  (PhD Internship)



June 1st 2008 - August 31st 2008
Object Localization
Training Report
Karel Zimmerman (Masters Internship)

CTU, Prague

April 15 2008 - July 15 2008

Single view traffic sign detection
Training Report
Jan Kadlec
(Masters Internship)
ETHZ CTU, Prague March 1st 2008 -
Mai 31st 2008
Recognition of and tracking of pictorial structures in video sequences Training Report
Dagan Eshar
(Masters Internship)
ETHZ HUJI, Israel March 15th 2008 -
July 15th 2008
Object-recognition and scene-understanding Training Report
Andrzej Pronobis
(Ph.D Internship)
IDIAP The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Swede December 1st 2007 -
Mai 31st 2008
Semi-supervised Incremental Learning for Adaptive Multi-sensory Place Recognition Training Report
Jie Luo
(Phd Internship)
MIT IDIAP November 1st 2007 -
December 15th 2007
Hierarchical Object Detection using Audiovisual Cues Training Report
Jan Knopp
(Thesis Proposal Scheme)
KUL CTU June 24th 2007 -
September 24th 2007
Using SURF for self-localization through matching between an incoming image and a preprocessed 3D mobile with texture maps Training Report
David Gomez
(Masters Internship)
CTU Technical University of Catalonia March 12th 2007 -
September 12th 2007
Detection and Identification of Unusual Events in Video and Audio
Training Report
Francesco Orabona
(Postdoctoral Internship)
IDIAP University of Genova March 15st 2007 -
June 15st 2007
Finite memory accurate support vector machine Training Report
Mirko Hannemann
(Masters Internship)
IDIAP Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg December 1st 2006 -
May 31st 2007
Identification of a particular target sound Training Report
Jie Luo
(Masters Internship)
IDIAP Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Sweden December 12th 2006-
April 12th 2007
Place Recognition using Audio and Visual Cues Training Report
Michal Havlena
(Phd Internship)
Katholieke Universiteit
Czech Technical University
in Prague
September 18th 2006 -
December 15th 2006
Using omnidirectional vision in image matching for city reconstruction Training Report
Joseph Keshet
(Phd Internship)
IDIAP The Hebrew University July 3rd 2006 -
September 30th 2006
The role of contextual information for discriminative large margin speech recognition Training Report